Always Mothers Luncheon

A 501c3 charitable non-profit organization hosting an annual fundraising event that brings diverse groups of mothers together in a way that allows us to love life and learn.

The Vision Behind
Always Mothers Luncheon

To assist in helping mothers promote, support and educate one another. While uniting and celebrating each other in finding our inner strength … We are NOT in this alone!

Always Mothers Luncheon welcomes mothers of all walks/stages of motherhood; childless, foster, desiring to be, adoptive, the fathers that play the dual role, etc. We welcome you to attend the luncheon as we share our resources, give support and share our stories. This event is a safe space where we don’t judge or condemn, but Love Life & Learn through it.

 Please join us as we begin our Annual Mothers Luncheon for May 2019.

Always Mothers Luncheon was founded by Daphne Anderson of Always Assisting U! in 2013. The luncheon is her way of giving back to the community and people who have helped her in her professional and personal life. It is also a resource to people who may lack the tools of helping themselves grow personally and professionally.

As women, there are times we allow ourselves to get “caught up” in situations and wonder if our decision was the right one. As mothers we second guess ourselves about the decisions we make. At times we may even lose our self but whoever we are, when we need help, we may feel as though we are bothering others, and may not know where to turn or who to ask for help.

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The Story Behind
Always Mothers Luncheon

Jeanette (my mother), Carolyn (my mother in law),
Dianne (my Spiritual mother), Bessie (spiritual grandmother)

Sadly we lost Bessie on January 27, 2017. She was 81 years young!
Miss & Love you Gamma 

It was 2013 and one of the last Mother’s Day with my daughter, Deja, before she began a new journey in her life, as a college student at UT Austin. I wanted to show to her that other women can play pivotal mother relationship-like roles in her life as well and that it is okay. I will always be her biological mother and love her unconditionally.

It was a beautiful 2 hour lunch held at Olive Garden in East Plano where I prepared and printed a special menu for the mothers to choose from. My assistant and the photographer were there as well and ready to go. The “love bags” were filled with gifts specifically chosen for my mothers and Deja added to the overall look. She decorated the initial of their first name on the outside of the bags… in sign language. A beautiful touch to what I hoped to be a special event.

I gave each mother a small testimony of thanks for the love they had shown me over the years, Deja gave a small speech and each mother gave their words of love in return to us. It was truly more than I had imagined; God had shown up and touched us all as we laughed, cried, ate and rejoiced in that moment.

Rochelle, my assistant and Karena, our photographer weren’t left out either; I presented them with something for helping me bring my vision and idea to light. I view them as my sisters and wanted them to know it. I am blessed and honored to still have my mothers in my life to this day