The annual fundraising 
signature event of
A Motivating Love, providing women with support, diversity, resources, and empowerment.

We focus on loving ourselves enough to know it’s okay to make mistakes.


We learn that it’s okay to live life questioning if our decisions were the right ones.

 We take the time to learn from others about how to deal with our mistakes.

What does attending Always Mothers Luncheon feel like?



The luncheon is more celebratory about the theme and message and less about being a mom. We intentionally do this because of the emotional aspect for those that may or may not have their moms or their children. 

At our event, we welcome individuals of all walks/stages of life; childless, foster, desiring to be, adoptive, the fathers that play the dual role, etc. We welcome you to attend our events as we share our resources, give support and share our stories. All events are a safe space where we don’t judge or condemn, but 
Love Life & Learn through it.

Signature Event

Always Mothers Luncheon, is held the Saturday of the weekend before Mother’s Day.
Don’t miss #AML2021Gala … on Sat, May 1, 2021!

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Always Mothers Luncheon happens once per year.
Our organization,
A Motivating Love, provides resources and support year round.

Founded by Daphne Anderson in 2013

It is her way of giving back to the community and people who have helped her in her professional and personal life. It is also a resource to people who may lack the tools of helping themselves grow personally and professionally.

As women, there are times we allow ourselves to get “caught up” in situations and wonder if our decision was the right one. As mothers we second guess ourselves about the decisions we make. At times we may even lose our self but whoever we are, when we need help, we may feel as though we are bothering others, and may not know where to turn or who to ask for help.

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