In case you had to miss this incredible event, let us take you through the journey that was this luncheon. You’ll attend this one in spirit and hopefully attend next year in person.

You enter the registration room and find that it is not about lines and nametags. There is a step and repeat banner for pictures, merchandise, and plenty of people to chat with as the fun begins right now.   Handsome men escort you to your table because their mothers raised them right.

Trish Patterson, the mistress of ceremony, is kicking off the event with an ice breaker. The Left/Right Game. In a story of twists and turns the prize gift gets passed around the table. For a minute you think the ladies across from you are playing hot potato between just the two of them. But with a few tricks of wordplay from the story, the prize ends up in your hands. You have won a gift card, handbag, or maybe even a Bluetooth headset.

The first keynote speaker is Fredia Reynolds. Through her words, you began to feel and understand her metaphor about being a broken mirror, and that whatever hardships in your life may have happened to you but they are not you.  You take in her affirmations and resolve to love yourself, for a broken mirror can still show a beautiful reflection.FrediaReynolds.AML2018

However, powerful emotions work up a powerful appetite. This is Always Mothers Luncheon after all. While you eat an expertly crafted lunch of your preferred meat or meatless option, you listen to K. Avett’s original and cover song performances. You use the rest of the lunch to shop with the vendors and entering drawings and raffles. Do you buy jewelry, hair products, bath luxuries or clothing for the little ones? You buy all of it and an AML scarf too. Your husband isn’t here and it’s almost mother’s day anyway.

 Despite the event being called Always Mothers Luncheon, this year’s beneficiary is Braving Infertility Together, an organization that provides support and resources to those facing troubles creating their families. It is now when the beneficiaries speak as you began to understand a whole new side of AML. It is so much more than just women who have given birth. It is about love, support, care, and female empowerment. To AML, mothers are simply women who demonstrate these ideals. The ladies from BIT share their stories and you’re glad you’ve been informed of their work. Your never know what life may throw at you or your loved ones, and knowing about organizations like this is always a blessing.

Preparing for the uncertainties of life was also a theme of one of the event’s sponsors. The Gauthier Law Firm gave some amazing and moving advice regarding the estate plan and even donated to the silent auction. Maybe you could be the winner of that priceless gift.


The second speaker is Sarah Ivy. Along with Sarah, you unpack all the baggage weighing you down. Goodbye to the backpack of pain, the handbag of shame, and even the duffle bag of regret. There are much better bags to carry, such as the purse of peace, the tote of acceptance, and all those beautiful bags up for grabs in the raffle. You especially want the Calvin Klein one.

You had a great time socializing throughout the event. There were women from all walks of life in attendance. You had your picture taken with your new friends by the ElanBlu Photography and Amie Misch Photography and used your own camera for the group selfie challenge.

After the fun and games and raffles and auctions won, the event ends with a speech from Jeanette Rollison, the founder’s mother. She gives you an exclusive peek into her daughter’s childhood, and through a heartfelt mesDaphneAnderson.TearShedsage praising her work, makes everyone in the room shed a tear. You especially enjoy as the founder, Daphne, gives her own speech as she honors all the motherly figures in her life. Her daughter presents them with flowers and acknowledges each of them.

Overall, you loved the luncheon; the smiles, the laughter, the tears, the bravery to touch topics still sore and bring peace about them. You are pleased to know that the fundraising event raised a little over a thousand dollars, and will aid the non-profit beneficiary greatly. Each of the vendors were unique and useful, and you love how all the sponsors are local business people as well. The staff were helpful and lively and felt like they were friends at your table. This event wasn’t just for you or the beneficiary, it was for all women and the community. You can’t wait to return next year.

We must say THANK YOU to our returning sponsors, Advanced Ob-Gyn & Associates, Raising Cane’s #154 and Palmers. New sponsors were Adriatica Women’s Health, Rx Smile Orthodontists and The Gauthier Law Firm; THANK YOU as well and we hope you join us again next year! 

The annual fundraising event raised a little over $1K in combination of the silent auction items and purse centerpieces that doubled as raffle items. Thank you to all that participated and our winners as well. Our awesome vendors lined the perimeter of the sold out ballroom and were a welcomed addition again to the atmosphere. None of what we do for the attendees could happen without the time, love, support and efforts of our team. They tirelessly give to the organization and to you so that all can have a memorable and enjoyable time.

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