As a female business owner, I’m constantly looking for ways to team build with my staff. I feel that the team being happy and working together is important to the overall health of the company as well as understanding each other.

After speaking with a few friends, they shared with me why and how getting involved and being apart of Always Mothers Luncheon is beneficial to others … namely female business owners.

What Others Have Said

Peggy Glover of Blessed Hands by Ms. P shared that  “I’ve connected with some amazing women and their stories inspired me. They helped and allowed me to get to the next level.” Ms. Glover was an attendee of our inaugural event, #AML2017, and returned for #AML2018 as a vendor.

Renecca Hattley has been a supporter of Always Mothers Luncheon, an attendee of both events and benefitted from a few of our services and says that for her she looks forward and enjoys the annual signature event to attend with her mother and hopes to bring more women and friends in the future.

What AML Does for Female Business Owners

I believe Always Mothers Luncheon is on the right path to its vision of creating diverse and inclusive events and programs to bring all groups of mothers and women together. To borrow and agree with AML Vice President, Marla Dozier, Always Mothers Luncheon is a positive networking opportunity along with the ability to provide great resources of support for the women and the fellow female employees/co-workers. AML is a way to bring women together and provide a loving reminder of the need to be more supportive of one another.

As the founder of a non-profit, I want to be able to make a difference, be a resource and provide services of various kinds to women that my friends, colleagues and I didn’t have or weren’t aware of growing up. As a new non-profit, we can’t do it alone. We need your help … the everyday woman that is affected by the ups and downs of being a mother, the social ramifications associated with being a mother, and our emotional well-being and health.

“Joining forces with Always Mothers Luncheon, the businesses together are able to better build, encourage and empower everyday mothers in their own communities! It’s a way for more mothers to become equipped with life skills and a safety net of support,” a loving sentiment expressed by a Christian Life Coach, supporter of Always Mothers Luncheon, J. Javelle Credit.

To give back to our community and be apart of a movement is a service that I want to provide. It helps shape the future of my company and also help me grow from within.