During the years of 2017 and 2018, Always Mothers Luncheon (AML) functioned as a celebratory event. For each year, we picked an external non-profit beneficiary to partner with us for our luncheon. Each of the non-profits were chosen by AML’s founder, Daphne Anderson, with a personal connection in mind.

2017 Beneficiary

For 2017, the selected non-profit was Heavenly Mimi. Daphne had just discovered that her own father had been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. An organization who supported and provided assistance to families enduring cancer treatment seemed to fit right with her heart. We were honored to have Heavenly Mimi as a beneficiary because their work touched us personally, but also touched many of the attendees of the 2017 luncheon.

2018 Beneficiary

2018’s chosen non-profit beneficiary had a personal connection, not just for the Founder of AML, but for many women involved with the organization and beyond. The topic of infertility was a tough one to brave, but AML decided to showcase the non-profit, Braving InfertilityTogether, and give women a safe place to heal together. The presence of this beneficiary and the stories they shared during the event were extremely powerful.

2019 Beneficiary

For our third year, 2019, Always Mothers luncheon has chosen another non-profit beneficiary that has a personal tie to several of the ladies within our organization. Way too often we are tasked with a long to-do list in order to keep our lives going. In crossing items off of our lists, we may find ourselves questioning if what we did was right, if we gave the best advice or if we didn’t do enough. Life can take a toll on us emotionally and begin to affect our emotional health, self-worth and more. Therefore, WE, Always Mothers Luncheon, are our own non-profit beneficiary. Because our goal is to provide the emotional support and resources to assure women that they are enough, we want to stand up and provide that message ourselves this year. The funds that we raise through ticket sales at this year’s luncheon will go directly into our new programs and services that we are launching in our first year as a non-profit.

Always Mothers Luncheon assists mothers with their emotional health and maintaining our everyday lives via classes, support groups and using our own inner strength. Everyone needs healing from something… we want to help you begin that process.

Purchase your tickets today and join us on Saturday, May 4, 2019 at our annual fundraising event.