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Programs & Services


Career Coaching & Choices: Talk with and receive assistance from recruiters, HR personnel and resume writers

Financial & Funding: Are you ready to buckle down and make sacrifices to have more money? Do you want to learn ways to save money with simple everyday tasks?

Family Planning: Ready to plan your family or struggling with your current family dynamics?

Single Mom 2 Son: Tackling issues exclusive to mothers raising sons

Support Groups:


Mom 2 Mom: Meeting twice a month to support our efforts, challenges, and triumphs while learning how to love ourselves through it all.

Educating Events:

What’s Law?: Educate on the suggested legal way to handle parental tips such as, but not limited to, CPS, CASA, leaving kids alone, welfare, work, and pregnancy rights. Taught by an attorney.

Band-Aid or ER: Educate Mothers on which injuries are severe enough for the ER, general doctor, or home care. Taught by a pediatrician. 

Medical Mayhem!: Educate Mothers on which post-birth medical conditions are common, serious and how to identify these problems and deal with them accordingly.

Equipping my Emotions: Educate on how to deal with and recognize anxiety attacks, stress triggers and speak with a professional regarding your emotional health and wellness.

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