Plan? God? Spirit?

Is this a religious event? No, it’s not BUT He has everything to do with the event. The conception, execution and deliverance … it was all done with Him in mind. We make no apology for letting you know how this event started or how we got the idea for it. It was all God!

We began working on Always Mothers Luncheon 2017 in July of 2016 … YES, 10 months before the actual event. Why so early? We’ve asked ourselves that question a million times. Our answer – that’s when God dropped His plan into Daphne’s spirit for her to follow.

The theme Self Confidence & Self Worth was a no-brainer. The luncheon is an opportunity to celebrate each other in our own worth! We have resources to share, support to give and more. You are NOT in this alone!

As people we allow ourselves to get “caught up” in situations and wonder if our decision was the right one.

As parents sometimes we second guess ourselves on the  decisions we make. We can lose our self-confidence. Whoever we are, when we need help, we sometimes don’t know where to turn. We feel as though we are bothering others, we don’t know who to ask for help.

As the theme was laid out, the format came to life and the beneficiary, speaker and entertainment were revealed. Everything was coming together and it was still 2016.

Fast forward and we  SOLD OUT!
That’s right our inaugural luncheon was only expected to have 64-75 guests and we had exceeded that!

WOW … this was amazing, awesome and the praises received at the end of the luncheon. OMG! So many hugs and joyful eyes. Many in attendance raved that it was just what was needed for them in this season. We set out to reach and touch some, if not just one and we did just that – and then some.

Though our sponsors were not able to be in attendance this year, we hope that they will join us again next year and we welcome them. Thank you for your support to
Advanced OB-Gyn Associates and Raising Cane’s #154.

As we take time for a short break, the planning #AML2018 begins in July.

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