Not only does the event that we put on and the reason behind it have importance but also those involved in the event itself.

From the caterer to the photographer, the greeters and the registration staff – everyone involved has a vital stake in the event. Afterall, it’s their name attached to it. 

With Always Mothers Luncheon, we are infusing unique people together to give the attendees a unique experience. One full of LIFE, LOVE and LEARNING!

Special appreciation shout out to:
1. DJ Gynovel (Henry Gyn) of Henry Entertainment
2. Photography by Allie Nimmons Creative
3. Booklet design by Empress Marketing LLC
4. T-shirt designed by CRT Custom Tees
5. Volunteers and Staff of Always Assisting U! Events Management Division
6. Sanity Sister – she knows who she is! (JJC)

And let’s not forget our AMAZING vendors either!

If you do not have your tickets, Saturday, April 22nd is your last chance to get them AND a lunch! There WILL be tickets sold at the door but a lunch is not guaranteed.

Don’t delay!